Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions. Avant-garde Premium Sedan shall for the purpose of the document be referred to as AGPS.

  • All deposits paid to AGPS are non-refundable
  • AGPS will provide mutually agreed new date for lost time with client due to mechanical breakages or breakdowns when charter is in motion
  • The client and guest(s) are fully responsible for damage to AGPS property; which includes the vehicle, its interior, and its accessories including complimentary items. All breakages will be charged at replacement cost plus a minimum labour charge of $100.00
  • AGPS reserves the right to terminate run time without refund due to a person or person’s blatant choices causing damage to AGPS property or one another (on-board guests)
  • Out-of-town trips are defined as - for run charters reserved, when the one-way distance is beyond 65kms from Red Deer, AB. AGPS will hold the right to use discretion, considering complimentary benefits on out-of-town trips.
  • Smoking will not be permitted in any of our vehicles and a $250.00 charge will be levied to all who are non-compliant
  • AGPS is not responsible for time delays or termination of charters due to winter weather or road conditions (e.g. accidents with AGPS vehicle, accidents ahead unknown by the Chauffeur nor sand/salt being absent on roadway)
  • Vehicle impairment during a chartered run - AGPS is responsible to arrange alternate client transport (alt. transport is a client expense) where the vehicle is unable to continue.
  • AGPS will retain any articles left in vehicle for pick up for seven days only
  • AGPS will not be held liable for lost or stolen items if left behind by passengers
  • AGPS reserves the right to have the balance of fees paid in full to the Chauffeur before the run begins or client will have made prior arrangements with AGPS manager
  • AGPS vehicles will not be loaded beyond lawful seating standards
  • All beverages consumed in our vehicles must be provided by Avant-Garde Premium Sedan
  • Responsible consumption of alcohol is encouraged
  • Alcoholic beverages will only be served to people over 18 years of age, who do not have minors present
  • Use of illicit drugs or excessive alcohol in AGPS vehicles is prohibited by law
  • Clients who are clearly inebriated will be refused alcoholic beverages 
  • Inappropriate sexual advances or sexual acts in our vehicles will terminate your trip forthwith
  • Abusive behaviour towards our staff will not be permitted, only one warning will be given before run is terminated
  • There is a minimum $250.00 cleaning fee for vomiting or excessive spillage in our vehicles

Avant-garde Premium Sedan is licensed by the Alberta Liquor & Gaming Commission to serve alcoholic beverages in all our vehicles.

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